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is. >> you are looking live right now at picture of the chicago election headquarters for president obama. short time ago the president won reelection marking the end of very hard fought xaichbility and we are waiting for both romney and president obama to speak tonight and we will bring you that live as soon as they take the is stage in respective cities. good evening thanks for joining us. >> i'm carolyn johnson. president now has at least 275 electoral votes enough to serve 4 more years in the white hous house. >> abc news first made the projection-hour ago or so when the president won in the battle ground state of ohio and we can show you now the updated electoral college map so crucial to the process. again 2 70 votes needed to win. president obama after winning in key states like ohio has 2 81 electoral votes. again over the 2 70 to win. romney at this moment with florida stit still to be heard from and
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couple other states like virginia h2o 3 electoral votes. >> team coverage for you tonight. laura is live at mitt romney election headquarters in boston. >> and mark live in chicago at the obama headquarters and mark let's start with you there obviously an exciting time in chicago. >> half hour ago when they made the announcement this place erupted. reminded me of 4 years ago in grant park. let me show you the crowd, mike move up to the front of the little riser space here and show you the crowd that stretches from one end of the hall to the other. it is i would guess 10,000. if you lack down to the end of the hall. big crowd. every time another state is announced that crowd just goes crazy. it is completely chalked full of people. i have been talking to the national field director of the campaign that told me really the key to this win tonight was the ground game. we have been hearing that for days but listen to this figure just released today. they say
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they registered 1.79 million new voters just in the swing states and that doubles the number of all the registered voters that they signed up in 2008. earlier tonight i was talking with california attorney general pamela harris came back from a couple days on a bus tour in iowa and ohio about the ground game. here's what she had to say. >> obama campaign has been about the ground game. on the ground when you walk into these offices talk to people standing in line to vote you meet the hero and the angel walking among us. they are there without any expectation of 0celebrity. they are there because they really are trawl patriots. that's what makes me have the energy that i do. i meet these folks and they are, they believe in our country. they believe that their vote matters and 0to vote it's most
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patriotic act anyone of us can did so when i see the hundreds of people standing in line to do that gives me faith in the future of our country. really does. >>reporter: as pamela harris 2 days in ohio this week. another number to throw at you. 125 million he number of door knock and phone calls not robo call but phone calls obama campaign says they made in those swing states and tonight it has paid off for them in a big way. reporting from chicago, 7 news. >> ground game so important in the process. live in chicago. >> let's check in now with laura. >> live in boston at mitt romney election night headquarters much different scene there of course. >> it's a bit different. i would say it's sort of a combination of emotions here. fair amount of resignation would i say in the past half hour. various network projected. president as the
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winner in the race but then for a time there was some discussion that it wasn't over yet. let's show you first of all just the scene behind me. the grand stage here at the ballroom at the boston convention center. this is where governor romney will take the stage at some point. it appears that some things are about to happen because we saw some photographers the photographers that normally travel with the candidate came in and lined newspaper front of the stage then almost as abrup abruptly they left. at the same time the public hundreds still here relatively quiet but they are still here they were will ayoued to push all the way up to the stage which gave us some indication that perhaps the governor would come out but at the same time and this is an evening of mixed signal in boston at the same time we have information that the governor hasn't left his hotel but still watching the returns as they have been throughout the evening with his family in nearby hotel and that he is
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continuing to do that so again sort of surreal. folks have booed and clapped. seen tears. we have seen chanting. governor romney governor romney this is after the race had been called by virtually all the network one network in particular on the big screen short time ago started talking about that it may not over yet in ohio and all of a sudden the spirit in the room lifted. so it's an interesting place to be tonight. certainly in their minds far from over and certainly not practically over until the governor himself comes out and speaks. live in boston, 7 news. >> of course we will bring that to you the moment he does. thank you. >> supposedly mitt romney didn't prepare concession speech only victory speech whether true or not we didn't know but we'll find out when he comes out. breakdown the vote for the president in californi california. early results we have for. this is in
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california 54 percent of the voters voted for president obama compared to 44 percent for mitt romney in california. >> joining us now to provide some analysis for us as the votes come in melinda jackson from state university. >> you are expert on polling and the polls literally were spot on. >> we have had absolutely no surprises tonight in terms of the electoral klechblingt the state poll were very accurate predicting the outcome this year so despite some skepticism about whether or not the poll would get it right it seems like they really did soil. far no big surprises there on the national level. >> yes. so far we are seeing that presidential campaign that spent more than 2 billion dollars is ending up with very little change even in the electoral college map it looks very similar to 2008 couple of states that obama won last time he didn't win this time north carolina and indiana but other
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than that shaping up to lack very similar to last time around. >> mitt romney people obviously have same access everyone else do. smart politically in the last day or 2 mitt romney was very confident as any candidate would be but they had this information they had to have known it was likely to go this way. >> you would think yes and if you trust the data then this was not a surprise. data was right on and despite the fact that more and more people are only using cell phones so they may harder to reach with polling. despite the fact that some poll are robo call with no person on the other end but computer asking the question the poll adapted and clearly we can see they were very accurate and the prediction of obama victory has played out. >> we heard mark matthews talking about the importance of the ground game for the democrat and getting out there and making inroad in certain
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counties. it seems they had analytical way of approaching this this is another big development in the election cycle. technology is moving so fast and a lot of the market research technique of tracking what people do on line and what that tells us about what product they might be likely to buy that was put into use in the political campaign this year by tracking different types of voters and really targeting specific voters based on their lifestyle and the issues that might be important to them so young voters were targeted differently through social media and through ads directed at that particular democratic group whereas older voters or hispanic voters might be targeted using different sets of ads. >> more traditional. >> yes. also helped with the voter turn out or the ground game because they could target specific voters based on voting history and much more 70's indicate entered working on getting out those voters on election day.
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>> we'll check back with you once we start talking mr. about proposition of things as well. >> thanks. standby. >> local race to talk about. state wide issue everyone talked about and so much advertising proposition 30. would provide funding to schools and xhuntd colleges through temporary taxes including tax on the biggest earners. >> taking a look at the results right now. no is ahead with 53 percent of the vote. 47 percent are saying yes but this is with just 14 percent of the precinct reporting. >> now this is an issue that governor brown campaigned very hard for. lee ann is live in sacramento she's following this at the yes on 30 headquarters. >>reporter: that's right. this is a proposition that i think everyone in california is watching at the moment. supporters of proposition 30 gathered here at the sheraton hotel in sacramento. waiting for those final results. the mood i have to say is very festive so far. governor brown is not expected to arrive i'm told for at least another hour.
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i heard one volunteer say we believe we are finally here. it's over. it has been a long costly campaign. a lot of hard work by a lot of volunteers and supporters. prop 30 again is of referred to as governor rescue plan which of course raises taxes to avoid those so-called trigger cuts and it has been slipping or had been slipping in the polls in the last several weeks but again you had the undecided voters and when i talked to the governor last night he said he wasn't at all concerned. he was sure he was going to win and we'll just have to see right now. live in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. >> another tax measure on the ballot. proposition 38. it would increase the state income tax rate for most california an on sliding scale with the whyed that that money would go to
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education. generate 10 billion a year. all for schools. right now it is decidedly losing 75 percent to 25% saying yes. >> one state proposition gathered a bit of attention campaign money is proposition 37. if approved prop 37 would mandate company to label any product with altered genetic material so consumers know what they are buying and eating. >> the early results show that the no are ahead on this one 58 percent to 42 percent. again with 14 percent of precinct report snooing for more let's go to the cornell live at san francisco at the yes headquarters. >> prop 37 supporters starting to gather hear in the mission. everybody here at the party has one thing in common. they say they want the right to know what is in the food they buy. big question though does the rest of california want the same thing. prop 37 asks voters to decide if manufacturers should be required to label foods made
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with genetically engineered ingredient. if the measure is approved california would be the first state to label such food. opponent including a lot of food producers say it would make food more expensive but some family farmer say not tru true. >> it's important to us. our consumers want to know. they want us and write us and tell us and choose does the food have gm o ingredient. >> family paying more money at the grocery stories about the state paying more money to regulate this up to 1 million dollars a year. we have said from the beginning voters need to look in the details of prop 37. >> no on 37 opponent said measure is misleading and cost food growers money and create a lot of red tape. other country require food labeling. we'll see if california will join them. night is still young.
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>> live in san francisco tonight. >> thanks so much. gentleman here's a look at some other important state propa significance. prop 36 revise california 3 strike law. right now it is ahead 68 percent to 32 percent saying no. >> death penalty would be abolished and replaced with life sentences in california fv voters pass proposition 34. at this moment it is losing. 14 percent of the precinct reporting no. 57 percent on proposition 34 to repeal the death penalty in the state. we are also posting real time results on the state proposition at our web site. our web site is updated the moment the latest numbers are in. that's right. we have a lieutenant more election coverage to get to of course. bay area city perhaps best known for its chevron refinery now instead of fighting big oil residents fighting big soda. live coverage on the ballot measure that may the first of its kind. >> plus the 25-year-old who is taking on incumbent in highly contested congressional seat. >> i'm spencer in the
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accu-weather forecast center. say goodbye to record heat. ready for showers followed by winter khichlt i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming u up. >> key proposition at the break here. prop 32 prohibits unions from using payroll deducted fund for political purposes. right now 51 percent to frain percent yes losing on proposition 32. >> prop 33 allow auto insurance company to charge dprivrs they did not buy insurance in the past. early results show that measure is losing. 52 percent to 48 percent. >> stay with us for complete election results. get real time results on 7 and we'll have live update all night at slash abc 7 news and through twitter at abc 7 news bay area all of the abc 7 news bay area all of the mr. form. we'll be back
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sz now to prop 35 would raise the punishment for sex trafficking of my nor to as high as life sentence current maximum is 8 years. right now that measure with 14 percent of precinct reporting yes. 83 percent overwhelming approval thus far for proposition 35. the city of richmond may become the first city in the
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nation to tax sugar sweeten drink to fight childhood obesity. >> so far the early results on this measure. 32 percent say yes. no 68 percent with 4 years of the precinct reporting this is an issue watched closely by the soda industry around the country. >> john live in richmond tonight with the latest on thi this. >> this would put richmond in the history book with the first city in the yous to actually put a tax on soda and sugar bench. it is called measure n. it would tax penny per ounce that businesses would have to pay kind of david and goliath event. supporters raised about 69,000 dollars but bench industry pumped in about 2 and half million. raise 2 to 8 million to fix actually to help people with anti-obesity program. opponent say the measure unfairly targets some of the struggling people trouble paying their bills here in richmond. with me is the
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mayor of richmond l who is one of the supporters of measure n. what impact do you think all of this bench industry money will have. >> well, you know the bench industry put in as you said 2.5 million dollars nye the city of richmond trying to mav forward and take care of our children and take care of the health and move away from the obesity epidemic die bees and heart disease these drinks create. just for penny an ouns the money would go into healthy sport activity and healthy programs whether or not the money is going to defeat this measure, we don't know yet. because it's early. however win or lose we have really run an education campaign and the community is having a debate on this and that's wonderful. >> thanks for joining us again.
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still early. find out what will happen with measure n. leif in richmond. >> all right john thank you. we don't know how many people voted specifically today. we know a huge number of people registered to vote and we also know that the weather was not a factor at the poll. >> just beautiful to get out and cast your ballot. let's check in now with spencer. >> still very nice. here's fog beginning to touch a few points along the coast line but still mainly clear skies right now and temperature readings generally in the upper 50's to 60's so still pretty mild. visibility counsel to 2 miles half moon bay right now where fog develop. hasn't hit other locations yet so l visibility good across the board. cooler next few day. shower likely thursday. snow returns to the sierra starting 11:00 o'clock tonight. see the fog pushing locally inland across the bay and especially up that the north bay valley so it's a little foggy there at the start of the rush hour tomorrow morning. low pressure tonight generally in the low to mid 50's as the fog creeps in. here's what is coming our way this week. big
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cold air mass brings dramatic change to the weather picture. leading cold air mass funnel system bringing us showers thursday morning at 5:00 o'clock by 10:00 o'clock thursday morning showers arriving in the north bay. by early afternoon showers in the south bay and other parts of the bay area with few trailing showers into early friday morning might even see a thunderstorm developing overnight thursday night into friday morning. that cell could also produce mixed precipitation atop mount hamilton cold air and winter weather advisory in effect from thursday morning to friday morning up to foot of snow likely there in the higher elevation. here's our 7 day forecast much cooler tomorrow but dry. showers thursday maybe thunder shower friday morning dry cool through the weekend and maybe some frost monday morning. big changes coming our way. >> it ace change. thanks very much. >> we want to take you back now to chicago. of course the votes keep coming in and we'll have more election results but here you can see the
9:22 pm
celebration under way in chicago. >> we expect to hear from president obama at some point this evening but before we hear from him we hear from mitt romney. live picture from the romney campaign headquarters in boston. much different scene not celebration in any way. they are waiting to hear from their candidate. stay with us. 7 news ♪ ♪ we're lucky, it's not every day you find a companion as loyal as a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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special election night coverag coverage. we want to continue to bring you results. couple big local congressional race we are following. >> let's check in with larry tracking those for us. >> all right. a number of congressional races that we are watching pretty closely in the bay area. not all of them are races that pit a republican versus democrat so we lack at
9:26 pm
the state of california here. we have the use of the technology that will allow us to bring california full and then we can expand this and look at key districts. you have to remember here a lot of the congressional district changed last year because of an initiative passed by voters in 2008. we focus in first on district 9 which is right here. actually district 9 and that's been reconfigured stretches out to the delta and stockton area. incumbent here as you can see in a tough race here against much younger foe. miguel only 25 years old hoping to unseat mcnerney elected back in 2006. 13 percent of the precinct reporting here. pretty tight race. 52 to 47 percent. again only 25 years old. imagine being in the house of representatives at age 25. we take another look at another district and this is 15 in the
9:27 pm
east bay. unusual race because you have 2 democrat contract here. pete stark everybody calls him pete. open primary law you have 2 democrat contract here facing each other in this contest. now in the case of pete stark 80 years old and show you pete stark more and give you a little bio. elected back in 19 sfaechlt longest serving member of our california congressional delegation against eric swallow leading right now 55 percent to 44 percent but lack here. 1% of the precinct reporting at this point so this is likely a lot of absentee ballot that we look at we have to see how this plays out. pete stark has been in a zillion election so he knows it's considerable night of ballot counting but kind of con tesh us race with mr. stark. he told our own
9:28 pm
mark matthews he didn't want to debate because he didn't want to have to sit around and answer stupid reporter questions. pete at age 80. not holding a lot become. you can see the results at this point but one percent reportin reporting. we continue to follow these races in particular and the rest of the district numbers that we bring you at the bottom of the spring as we good along throughout the evening. dan and carry lip. >> appreciate it well done. >> thanks very much. >> more coming up including the bay area race sparking talk of potential lay off and dooms day scenario. coming up here. live update on san jose most watched race. >> also. the citizen l new voter. today big day for the [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was.
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>> large crowd in san francisco city hall tonight where people lined up to vote for hours. in fact the lines extended out of city hall basement. election fivshls can not release results until everyone in that line has voted and they were accepting everyone who was in the line by 8 this evening. 265,000 people voted absentee, more than half of the city 500,000 registered voters. >> get relevant time election results at 7 we are updating our web site as soon as the latest numbers are in. stay here with us. >> laura is at romney election night headquarters. >> well i can tell you i have never been among this many people and had it be really quite this quiet. a lot of folks here many of them are still hear really haven't seen anybody leave yet. sort of in
9:33 pm
a waiting mode. you can see behind me the stage is empty. governor romney from abc news he's still at the hotel westin rate right next to the convention center here and he has yet to call the president so at this point no sign of concession despite the returns that continue to come n.sense of shock here. i think they thought they might lose but i don't think they thought they would lose this early in the evening even though it is midnight on the east coast or 12:30. i don't expect, folk waiting for the governor to kilometer out and that's the scene in boston. >> let's turn to president obama who has won reelection and mark is live at campaign headquarters in chicago tonight where they are waiting to hear.
9:34 pm
>> yes wait to go hear. i understand vice president bind is on his way here but no word on the president. we expect that mitt romney will need to make the call the the president first and comes out and greets his supporters at mccormick place. nobody left. it's a packed out here. a lot of excitement but but it has been quite awhile since the numbers were called and everybody is talking about the ground game. talk to the communication director for the democratic national committee who told me, you know, our ground game didn't go away. it has been in place since 2007. mitt romney campaign was defending on big infusion of cash from the super pac and they didn't get into the ground game until the last couple of months and it wasn't enough. we are waiting to hear when the president will come as i said the vice president on his way. latest from here in
9:35 pm
chicago. abc 7 news. >> all right mark thank you check back shortly. >> crowd gathering near san francisco castro district. streets closed off for viewing party as this evening continues. >> let's check in with vick lee who is there life for us. vic vick? >> big celebration here in the castro. i'd say a couple hundred people. you can hear the music. see the big screen behind me. they have cordoneed off a block here in the contracts patrol between market and 18 street 2 muni lines rerouted. 24 and the 35 lines. police are facilitating this event but organizers promised them end this by 10:00 o'clock tonight. crowds are enthusiastic. when network announce president obama had won. drivers honked their horns as they passed us here on market. crowd and the twin peak bar an institution in the cast from cheered. spilled out on to the street. president is very popular because of his
9:36 pm
support of marriage equality but there are also other issues important to the community monitoring closely tonight. 4 states maine minnesota maryland and washington all of those 4 states have marriage equality ballot measures or referendum so following it very closely. this is 7 news. thank you. >> well let's talk about one of the many proposition on the ballot. proposition 34 would repeal the death penalty in california. >> 7 news reporter live in sacramento with more on that. heather? >> you we are on the main ballroom floor of the sheraton grand here in sacramento. 34 campaign is upstairs in another room. didn't want to misrepresent what is behind us. i checked nem with them and said they are not expecting meaningful results as far as the returns, tonight. polling up until today has shown 34
9:37 pm
leading. prop 34 would repeal the death penalty and replace it with life in prison without the possibility of parole. that is for murder conviction going forward and for all of the 7 25 inmates currently on death row. 130 million dollars a year would be saved and we won't risk executing an innocent person. opponent dispute the savings estimate saying it will also be expensive to keep these inmates in prison for life. yes on 34 campaign thinks the vote will be close and it might not even be decided. >> there's a chance this could go on for a couple weeks honestly. from the polling we have seen california an voters are equally divided with a large number of undecided voters so it may clear tonight what is happening. it may clear tomorrow. it would not surprise us if it took a couple days or even week for the vote to all actually be counted.
9:38 pm
>> jeans stood opponent argue we need the death penalty as higher punishment for the worst of the worst. 2% of murder conviction like richard allen davis and richard ramirez f.34 passes it will make california the 18th state in the nation without a death penalty. live in sacramento, abc 7 news. thanks very much. interestingly many those on death row are against the proposition would change their access to attorneys. >> latest election results on twitter and at this site. >> check us out there. if you can as expected senator feinstein is coast to go victory. no surprise whatsoever over challenger republican elizabeth of 'em kin she never held elective office with 16 percent of the precinct reporting. >> posting real time result on the state proposition open our
9:39 pm
web site. it's updated the moment the numbers come in. >> one of the biggest races in sap jose raise the minimum wage by 25% from 8 dollars to continue dollars an hour. >> rate now taking a look at measure d it is ahead 57 percent if, no 43 percent. corrina live in san jose with more on the race. >>reporter: the crowd here at the south bay labor council very excited about the early returns they are seeing on measure d raise the minimum wage from 8 dollars an hour to continue dollars an hour here in san jose. in this economy let's take a look at some video of minimum wage workers. the measure to increase the minimum wage by 25% can be a tough sell. chamber of commerce many in the business community have been actively campaigning against measure d spending a lot of money spoert ers have been working the phone bank saying san jose should follow
9:40 pm
in the foot steps of san francisco that increased the minimum wage to continue.24 an hour. labor group estimate about 40,000 people are working for minimum wage in san jose. that means people with full-time minimum wage jobs make less than 17,000 dollars a year. very encouraged by the early returns. >> you captain survive on 8 dollars an hour and really this is our situations increasing paycheck isn't. what can we do to make it more fair and balance. >> cost of running a business has already gone up. extra burden for small businesses. as you can see look down the street there's only 2 business left on second street and san jose stishtion opponent of measure b say it is a poorly crafted measure and if it passes there will be job losse losses. supporters dispute. that they say in every city and
9:41 pm
state where the minimum wage increased unemployment has actually gone counsel because more money in circulation and minimum wage worker making more spending more and that improves the economy over all. of course we are getting very early returns at this point. measure d raising minimum wage in san jose passing 57 percent to 43 percent. >> thank you. >> round the cloak election coverage runs all night on ab chevy is the 10 join us for abc news live election coverage with the latest reports from across the nation. >> that's followed bit latest state bay area election returns on 7 news at 11:00 we'll be back with you with that of course and we get special vote edition of fight line at 11:35 right after our late news. >> midnight abc world news now will have overnight election news from across the nation. from 4:30 to receive the morning news team has the
9:42 pm
latest local election results and reaction followed of course by abc good morning america at 7. >> let's mention here if you don't already have our smart phone app this is great time to down load. updating real time election results all night tonight. >> down load the 7 news app on a el app store or through google play. >> take as moment. >> other news next when a texas woman began filming her husband landing at local airport she expected to capture his plane making a smooth dissent. >> oh, boy not quite. that >> oh, boy not quite. that story coming up >> break here, some of the other measures making news tonight. alameda measure a bun calls for a parcel tax at the oakland zoo 60 percent yes to help the zoo in oakland to 40 percent no. 28 percent of the precinct reporting. >> berkeley controversial ordinance would get people off the swawchblingt rate now it is leading at 58 percent. >> contra costa county where measure q on the about a ballot
9:43 pm
today generates almost 17 million dollars every year for the fire district. even split. 50/50 with 28 percent of the precinct report snooing san francisco measure a would raise 14 million dollars a year for city college. this is parcel tax that requires two-thirds of the vote. right now yes at 66 percent just 1%
9:44 pm
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>> get back to election returns in a moment but couple other items. officers are investigating a break inat pelosi house in saint helena. alarm company reported break-in monday afternoon and when deputy arrived they found broken doors and nobody was home when it happened. >> voters in staten island guideed to polling site in the dark by flares. problems
9:47 pm
mounted for voters across new york city as they continue to struggle with power outages caused by hurricane sandy. some shelters doubled as polling places. in new jersey election officials were so overwhelmed with request from dispoliceed residents to be able to vote by e-mail that they extended the deadline for electronic voting to friday. >> more than 1200 people became u.s. citizen ins the east bay and celebration didn't stop there. nick smith explains from oakland city hall. >> wonderful obligation to be able to exercise the right to vote and make sure that it counts. >>reporter: she's originally from india. she moved here in 2001-today is her birthday and first time she voted as citizen of the united states. >> i think it would be a big deal but when i was sitting there i started tearing up. >>reporter: her day didn't start here. it started here. tl 1255 men and women from 104 country became naturalized citizen of the united states
9:48 pm
this morning. the theatre in oakland packed with energy excitement and new citizens. him with one goal in mind. >> i want to vote. >>reporter: because she lives in alameda county she had 787 polling places to do just that. that's right. as new citizen she can exercise her right to vet today. >> for any of those people that live in alameda county they become citizen today's they can come down to our office, register to vote and cast a ballot. >>reporter: that's where i met this couple filling out region strition cards and preparing to vote. >> i feel in lucky that i actually would get to vote on first day i have become an american citizens. >> last year we spent our time talking about politic and what we want to change here and i think one of the ways to do that is through voting. >>reporter: alameda county registrar office has received counted 4 22,000 ballot. the results not released until after the poll close but we know is that they have received fewer ballot in 2012 than they
9:49 pm
did in 2008. in alameda count county, abc 7 news. >> we are keeping close watch on boston right now. expecting to hear from mitt romney any moment. >> this is a live picture from the romney campaign headquarters in boston. we heard he's coming out in 3 or 4 minutes. we'll see if it's true. we'll bring you his true. we'll bring you his comments an
9:50 pm
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smoo we get word that governor romney just conceded election to president obama in a phone call. we are waiting for him to take the stage in boston at any moment we'll bring that to you live. >> mean time routine landing at texas airport ended in the collision that no one saw coming. it was all caught on tape pilot's wife recorded the video as he tried to land the
9:53 pm
plane on the tarmac in texas. the plane fixed wheel hit the top of the suv as you can see here. nearly ripping off the roof. there are stop sipes on the roadway to alert drivers to stop when the runway is active but clearly the suv driver missed them. federal aviation officials are investigating this crash. >> kahn imagine his wife how horrifying that was. >> no kidding. once it happened. again we good to romney live in boston as soon as we can but first let's update the weather forecast. >> spencer has that are inform you. >> give you a look at a storm developed along the atlantic coast winter storm nor'easter could be a problem for people up in the hard hit northeast by sandy last week. this storm will produce strong potentially damaging winds, flooding rainfall or snow inland. keep tracking that are inform you. in the bay area another lovely day. not as warm as day but pleasant. coastal clouds season skies inland around the bay high pressure reaching from 60's into the 70's and the accu-weather 7 day forecast
9:54 pm
looks quite interesting. we have big cool down coming our way not just tomorrow but continue go through the weekend showers on thursday. maybe thunderstorm or 2 early friday morning. clearing out over the weekend but becoming pretty chilly overnight early morning hours maybe even some frost by monday morning then chance of rain again next tuesday so finally the fall season and pre-winter season are asserting themselves. >> coming up nextth waiting for mitt romney. >> any moment now last word we had he would be on stage by now so it's truly imminent. he did just call president obama conceding defeat. this is a live picture from boston. we i am soooo loaded. i'm totally feelin' it. this loaded breakfast sandwich is awesome!
9:55 pm
am i trippin'...or is that jack box? you're not trippin'. i'm here. and my loaded breakfast sandwich is just loaded with country grilled sausage, bacon, ham, two fried eggs, and my loaded breakfast sandwich iand melting cheese on toasted sourdough. you can stop pretending. the only thing you're feeling is full. i am soooo loaded... that's the sausage. thanks for your business. s.
9:56 pm
9:57 pm
>> i want to thank matt rose and the dead kited campaign team he led. [applause] they have made an extraordinary effort not just for me but also for the country here we love. for you tonight and the team across the country the volunteers fundraisers the donor the surrogate i don't believe there's ever been an effort in our party that can compare with what you have done over the past years. thank you
9:58 pm
so very much. [applause] thanks for the hours of work for the call the speeches and appearances for the resources and for the prayers you gave deeply from yourselves and performed magazine knife isn'tly and you inspired us and you humbled us. you have been the very best we coffee imagined. the nation as you know is at a critical point and time like this we can't risk partisan bickering and political posturing. our leaders have to reach across the aisle to do the people wor work. and we citizens also have to rise to the occasion. we lack to our teachers and professors and count on you not just to teach but to inspire our children for passion for learning and discovery. we look to counselors of all kind to testify of the enduring principal upon which our society is built. honesty. charity. integrity and family. we look to our parents from
9:59 pm
the final analysis everything depends on the success of our homes. we look to job crator of all kind. counting on you to invest. to hire. to step forward. we look to democrats and republicans in government at all levels to put the people before the politics. i believe in america. i believe in the people of america. [applause] 72. >> our election coverage continues right now with abc news over on channel 7. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley thanks for watching. watch the rest of his speech and president obama over on channel 7. goodbye for

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